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I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, California specializing in “people” – weddings, engagements, wedding, boudoirs, headshots, portraits, fashion, you name it. On occasion, I also shoot food due to my love of cooking and baking. I’m a Gemini who is constantly working on my two big loves: photography and design. I love romantic comedies, Nicolas sparks novels, and Tony Bennett. Chocolate cake is my absolute weakness (and I make a pretty mean one too). And, last but not least, I hope to one day open a patisserie with my pastry chef husband… mmm!


While getting married in 2009 was such a celebration of love and happiness in my life, much to my dismay, I also lost my father to cancer two weeks after. My life was a complete whirlwind — turned to my love for photography to capture those moments. I’ve heard others consider photography as their way of freezing time and it’s so true. Memories only go so far before we all start to forget. It’s not until we look at a moment in a photo do we relive it again.


Hopefully through my photos, you can get to know me a little bit and have a quick glimpse as to my shooting style. My aspiration as a photographer is to give you my whole-hearted dedication in capturing beautiful moments for whatever your occasion might be. I’d love to hear from all my visitors so please don’t be shy and comment. I can’t wait to hear more how I can be involved!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!